Pauly Ting – Experience Designer


⇠ Projects

Passenger-centric in-car experience

Driver-centric in-car experience

Driver/front passenger interface

Vehicle interaction analysis

Tesla and SiriusXM concept

Mobile experience

SmartTV experience

User research and interviews

User persona, journeys and sentiment charting


SiriusXM were looking to imagine an omni-channel experience with particular focus on the connected car.

Our team had a week to research and conceptualize the experience and present back to their team for review.

We analysed their segment data, interviewed their target users, created two user sentiment charts, crafted their user stories, and crafted a polished experience.


The client engaged our company in additional conceptual work to inform their product roadmap.



UX - Pauly Ting

UX Research - Dom Lee

UI - Chad Wetherbee

UI - Nayong Park

PM - Christian Glover Wilson