Pauly Ting – Experience Designer


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The polished UI of the Interactive User Map that was created as an in-house tool

Translating the traditional user journey map into an interactive mobile experience

The typical lofi user journey map of a retail customer for Macy's

The typical lofi user journey map of a radio customer for SiriusXM

The typical lofi user journey map of a dealership sales process for Jaguar Land Rover


User journey maps are a dissection of a user persona, to understand them at a granular level based on their activity, mode, time, location etc.

There is intrinsic value to understand users at an emotional behavior level, which can often be obfuscated in traditional user research.

By breaking down an entire experience, we can understand the full context behind a user's actions, and when used at scale, reveal hidden opportunities and pain points.


Curating and building journey maps have proved immensely valuable to the trust-building process of our user experience team.

They have become a useful tool for winning new business, and as part of our UX research practices for product strategy and roadmap prioritization.



Framework - Greg Taylor

Author - Pauly Ting