Design Process


3 - Reframe

Reconsider your perspective

Our bias can distract us from the truth. Once you have spent time with your users, it's time to breathe, re-group, organize, think, discuss, and ask a tonne of questions.

Before prescribing solutions, you must create the 'why' statement. "Treating patients" is not a why statement. "Respectful care and attention to those in fear and need", is a why statement.

  • What is really driving the user's behavior?
  • How does this problem exist in the bigger picture?
  • What things are needed to support the solution?
  • What other 'like-things' exist in the world?
  • Discuss your findings with others outside the group
  • Search for common phrases used by users
  • Model how others approach the problem
  • Look at external factors (socio/politiceconomic)
  • Share and organize your findings as a group
  • Identify themes, patterns, and further questions
  • Create an eco-system and a system diagram
  • Craft the problem 'why' statement