Design Process


6 - Prototype

Craft an experience

The part that most people jump straight into - building! With the new knowledge, experience, and understanding, you are ready to build with a clear intention.

Start by expanding the model into higher fidelity wireframes, test, iterate, and continue to improve. It's likely tweaks will be made to the model. Eventually, expand wireframes into visual designs.

  • Does your model work or does it need re-thinking?
  • What do your users think? Would they use it?
  • What are things that might have been overlooked?
  • Are there new ideas revealed along the way?
  • There's a tonne of prototyping software
  • Enable collaboration and discussion
  • Work together with engineers, not in silos
  • Take care with copy-writing - it will be judged
  • Create a list of items for split testing
  • Create a usable and believable experience
  • Share the prototype for feedback and discussion
  • Create a list of possible features and other ideas