Design Process


7 - Present

Share the narrative

The big day has arrived - the stakeholders and users are excited to see what you've been creating after the meetings, interviews, and design sessions.

The key to a successful presentation is balancing the science of your research and proposed solution, with the art of the experience. Don't get bogged down in one area.

  • Understand the audience you are presenting to
  • Know the environment that you are presenting in
  • Know how much time you have and set a structure
  • Review what success looks like/means to them
  • Create a meeting agenda to segment discussion
  • Deliver it as a group - not just one person
  • Practice your presentation before going live!
  • Ask for presentation feedback afterwards
  • Create a simple, digestible presentation
  • Use simple, human english - don't geek out
  • Create a deck that can be consumed by anyone
  • Explain your thinking and how it was used