Design Process


4 - Narrate

Tell the user's story

The reality with even careful research, people lie. So it's time to workflow each and every step (both online and offline) the user takes. This will give more fidelity of how the problem comes to be.

Reading a user sentiment map will help identify the unspoken patterns and trends, and support focus towards highest-impact areas. Augment the current user story over the ideal one.

  • What does the user's journey look?
  • Expand the story into stages to expose detail
  • Look for gaps, flags, and outliers in user story
  • Understand users by behavior and not just demographics
  • Draw each step and ask "then what happens?"
  • Use photos, quotes and videos to support the journey map
  • Go back into the field and fill in the gaps if necessary
  • Go through the journey with users to verify
  • Create a user journey map to model the story
  • Create user personas to mainly highlight behavior
  • Overlay the ideal journey over the current one to highlight gaps
  • Create multiple maps if you have multiple users