Design Process


5 - Model

Sketch the steps

After creating the workflow, (and how it could be), it's time to technically draw the workflow to find dead-ends, bottlenecks, and other things that could affect the expeience.

Be sure to factor interactions, error handling, and conditional scenarios to get a proper overview of the experience that needs to be designed. This will save you hours of wasted wireframing.

  • What is the full scope/size of the solution?
  • What screens / objects need to be 'designed'?
  • What technical parts need to be discussed?
  • What are the use cases vs edge cases?
  • Use Omnigraffle to create the model
  • Connect the model together using Invision
  • Discuss and show the workflow with others
  • Go through the workflow many many times
  • Create a technical model of the experience
  • Identify 'extras' (errors, tech issues etc)
  • Identify the 'funnel' and what to measure
  • Get user agreement of the workflow