Design Process


2 - Empathize

Shut up and listen

In order to fully understand the perceived problem, (and opportunities), it is critical to spend time immersed in the environment of your potential users. Don't sit back - immerse yourself.

Listen to their stories, observe behaviors, listen to how they describe things, and understand their own biases. Design shouldn’t enforce change, rather leverage existing habits into new ones.

  • Understand who you are helping at a deep level
  • Understand the eco-system your user lives in
  • Identify contextual vs default behaviors
  • Identify language used and behavioral patterns
  • Walk through the detailed process of a user
  • Create a problem-statement matrix
  • Get out - observe users in their natural environment
  • Write "Ways Of" statements with users
  • Record notes / footage for reviewing later
  • Describe how the people perceive the problem
  • Define how the people relate to the problem
  • Get involved and learn/relate by experience