Pauly Ting – Experience Designer


⇠ Projects

Our winning prototype was designed and built in just 8 hours

Using a collaborative and paired-design process, we iterated our comps in real-time

Omnigraffle was used to design each wireframe and UI

Wireframes were initially whiteboarded for collaborative discussion

A user story was crafted to have a strong context to design for

We interviewed Hertz stakeholders and a customer to understand pain points and goals


A 24-hour rapid prototyping hackathon to develop the best integration of the Mojio OBDII device with the greater Hertz Customer experience.

We sat down with Hertz stakeholders to discuss their business plans, their customers, and their requirements for the hackathon.

Our product provided a seamless real-time rental experience.


Our team won 1st prize.




UX - Pauly Ting

Dev - Blossom Woo

Eng - Martin Roehder