Pauly Ting – Experience Designer


⇠ Projects

The Invision prototype was live user tested with actual FE customers

Created a detailed problem statement to provide sharp focus

Lofi wireframes were created and iteratively refined into HiFi wires

The product workflow was refined, review, and digitised around an optimal user path

Group debate and discussion lead to a draft product workflow

Interviewing and anaylsing internal and external users helped to understand priorities

FE's first design sprint was planned, co-ordinated and kicked off with a new team

A business case was crafted and refined following a product strategy workshop


Financial Engines didn't have a mobile experience or mobile team. Their design process was still maturing since changing to an agile environment, and they were looking for a fast way to identify key opportunities, then prototype a mobile experience.

Working with FE's stakeholders, we discussed the opportunity to implement Google's Design Sprints into their workflow. They had never done them before.

Installing a tailored and scalable process would take some time in a large org, so we began with a sprint pilot series. This project is the first of six sprints that I lead, taught, and supported. I both facilitated and lead design for this mobile project.


Following the sprint pilots, I was asked to implement and scale the design sprint methodology and process throughout the company. This involved facilitating and training production staff, mentoring VPs and Directors, and creating company-wide process and practices.





UX/UI - Pauly Ting

PM - Raghava Bharadwaj

Dev - Akila Balasubramanian

Dev - David Cai

Research - Prashant Mantha