• Hi-fidelty wireframes and a tappable prototype using Invision

  • One-hour project run-through for stakeholders explaining all design decisions.

  • Daily design reviews in-person and using Invision

  • Wireframes for desktop and tablet built in Omnigraffle

  • Paper wireframes at the beginning of each sprint

  • Researched best-of-breed solutions

  • Facilitated a stakeholder workshop to deep-dive into the three themes

  • Craft a series of user personas who would need to interact with the experience

  • Analyzed research for project themes, each with a clear problem/opportunity

  • Conducted in-person and remote user interviews

  • Drafted interview questions

  • Project kick-off to determine goals/success factors


Kaiser Permanente launched a prototype program which responded to the demands from within their organization. A group of enthusiastic internal teams wanted to learn how to think and do things differently, affectionately called Catalysts.

We were given six weeks to step back, research and analyze what they’d learned, and to explore what ‘Catalyst 2.0’ as a product could be across tablet and desktop.

Working closely with their teams and stakeholders, we conducted user interviews, three separate design sprints, and created product roadmap with a prototype.


Kaiser implemented many parts of the product design into their product roadmap.

Our company continues a strong ongoing commercial relationship with Kaiser and I have been personally recommended by their innovation team.


UX - Pauly Ting

PM - Mike Lin